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The International Community Music School – Basel was founded by a group of professional musicians and music teachers from different countries and backgrounds who now live and work in the Basel area. We seek to provide quality music education to the multicultural community in the region, and to form connections between students and families from different backgrounds through their common interest in music. We hope to facilitate the integration of our non-native families through interaction with local families who have similar interests.

We strive to equip our students with a fluency in the language of music that permits them to express themselves as honestly as they would with words. By offering music lessons in many languages, we give our students the opportunity to learn a new language or to practice an already familiar second or third language in the context of music instruction. Students may also choose to simply learn an instrument in their mother tongue.

Our students perform regularly in various venues throughout Basel.   By organizing performances for our students outside of traditional concert venues (for example in nursing homes or at street markets), we hope to instill in our students the spirit of community service.  Their performances are not only a culmination of a period of study but a gift to those around them. Through exposure to many languages, cultures, and types of music, we hope to help our students grow into tolerant and multi-faceted individuals.

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