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The Suzuki or mother tongue method is an integral part of our curriculum. Suzuki students learn to play music first by ear rather than reading notes, the same way that babies learn to speak first by ear rather than reading books.


Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes will be offered at ICMS beginning in 2023!  These “Suzuki baby classes” are intended for children ages 0-3 with a caregiver.  Through the repetition of simple and familiar children’s songs and rhymes, babies and young children get their first introduction to making music.  Using the Suzuki method principles of ability development from a young age, musical and social skills are built in the playful and nurturing environment of SECE classes. 


Students explore the fundamentals of music theory in this class, including ear training, rhythmic training, key signatures, and chords.


The Instrument Carousel introduces the different musical instruments that one can find in an orchestra, jazz ensemble, or other musical groups. It will help the children to choose the right instrument for them by learning about the different ways of playing, getting close to, and even producing their first sounds on some of the instruments.

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